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Many desserts available! Choose from the following: Pecan Pie, Lemon meringue pie, Lemon Crunch pie, Apple Pie ,Choc silk , Cherry Pie, Peach pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Dumplings, Choc chip cookies, Orange Cranberry Oatmeal cookies
Don’t forget to top it with some icecream!!! Or some heavy cream that you whipped into cool whip!  
We also have great cream cheeses for appetizers- choose from: cajun crab, horseradish cheddar, vegetable, sun dried tomato, asiago artichoke, garlic and herb


Need some last minute gifts: we have soap!! Also lots of jams and honey you can gift to your friends 🙂

We also offer HOLY COW GIFT CERTIFICATES!!!!! Send us an email and we will make one for you to give out 🙂

Thank you for being loyal customers!  We appreciate you!!!!!!

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